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What is the difference between a Maiko and a Geisha?
A cute style for makeup is used in order to bring out the youthfulness. However, a Maiko can also use an elegant style of makeup. They use ornate hairpins with flowers attached. The resplendent long-sleeved kimono (traditional Japanese clothing) and loose obi (belt for kimono) is characteristic for a Maiko. The makeup effect is adult-like and cool. They use ornate hairpins made out of tortoiseshells. The kimono often has simple patterns, and calm colors, and the belt is tied in “otaiko”, a common way of tying a kimono’s sash (standard).
Is it possible to select photos from the photoshoot?
As you will be asked to select your desired pose before the photoshoot, the photographer will select the photos to be printed. If you would like to have other photos, there is an option to purchase either the CD-R or USB.
Cancellation charges
On the reservation day…100%
A week ago from the reservation day…70%
※In case of cancellation without notice, we will issue an invoice with cancellation fee.
If you are late for more than 10 minutes without contacting us in advance, we will regard it as cancelled, hence, if you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, or you might come in later than scheduled, please contact us via email or give us a call.
My hair color is not black, but can I join in the experience with a semi wig?
Yes. We will temporarily change the color of your hair to black by using a black hair spray. After the experience session, your hair will be washed, and the black color from the spray will be removed, and your hair will return to its original color.
Are there sizes for kimonos?
Kimonos are free sized. For bust measurements larger than 110cm or hip measurements larger than 120cm, the kimono might get out of shape. For sizes that exceed the above measurements, please inform us when you make the reservation.
My skin is sensitive, is it safe for it to be painted white?
Our store uses natural cosmetics that is gentle on the skin. Until now, there has been no problem with customers with sensitive skin or who are atopic. However, the final decision and judgment on whether to proceed with the experience is left to the customer.
Is it possible to have the Maiko/Geisha experience without putting on the white makeup?
It is possible to have the experience within our shop premises, however, having a stroll outside or outdoor photography is not possible. The charges remain the same even without the white makeup.
Is it possible to reserve the kimono?
Unfortunately, reserving of kimonos is not possible.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, We accept VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, AMEX, and DC. (We regret that UnionPay Cards are not accepted.)
Do we have to bring anything or prepare anything for the day itself?
No, it is not necessary. However, after washing off the Maiko or Geisha makeup, if you intend to put on your own makeup, please bring your own makeup accessories.
Is the free photoshoot time in the studio plan, courtyard plan, couple plan, and family plan limited to 10 minutes per person?
No, it is 10 minutes per group.
What are the plans for strolls and outdoor photoshoots on a rainy day?
If it rains on that day, there will be no strolls and outdoor photoshoots. It will be changed to either the studio plan, or the courtyard plan. As there is a roof available for the courtyard course, it is possible to take photos that appears to be outdoors.
What is the minimum age for children who with to experience being a Maiko?
It is possible for children above 7 years of age, and above 115cm in height to take part in the Maiko experience. (Experience as a Geisha in not possible)
For male companions in the experience, please advise the costs for adding the option for strolls for men.
If the lady adds the option for strolls in her plan, there will be no additional charges for men to join in the stroll.
Do I have to sign up for the add-ons at the time of reservation?
Please sign up for the add-ons on the day itself.
When can I receive the photographs for the Maiko/Geisha experience?
The photos will be printed on the day itself so you can bring it home.
Is it possible for men to take part in the experience as a Maiko/Geisha?
We regret to inform you that men are unable to take part in the experience as a Maiko/Geisha.
I will be bringing along a companion who will not joining in the experience, is it possible for the companion to watch while the makeup is being done?
We regret to inform you that other guests will have to wait in the waiting room while the makeup is being done, they will be able to watch from the dressing of the kimono.

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